3.0.0b1 (AtomsUnreal)

Downloads: https://atoms.toolchefs.com/downloads/

This version of Atoms Unreal contains the following bug fixes and improvements.

Features and improvements:

  • Added agent type component.

  • Added clip reader XPU component.

  • Added state machine XPU component.

  • Added custom hero.

  • Added runtime variation support.

  • Added joint align XPU component.

  • Behaviour tree: added joint align XPU task.

  • Behaviour tree: added joint transform XPU task.

  • Behaviour tree: added joint aim XPU task.

  • Added LODs and frustum culling to the editor.

  • Added new atoms stats.

  • Added support to virtual bones.

  • Added new attachment component.

  • Gameplay debugger: added EQs support.

  • Added map metadata support to blueprint.

  • Agent group actor: Added InitializeNewAgentWithMetadata method.

  • Atoms/Usd cache exporter: added support to events and physics simulation.

  • Animation BP: added agent pose node.

  • Added support to stereo instancing.

  • Added visible metadata to agents.

  • Updated to AtomsCrowd 4.5.

  • Improved performance.

  • Added support to Xbox platform.

  • Added support to Nintendo Switch platform.

  • Added support to Unreal Engine 4.27.2.

  • Added support to Unreal 5.0.0 early access 2.

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