2.0.0 (AtomsUnreal)

Downloads: https://atoms.toolchefs.com/downloads/

This version of Atoms Unreal contains the following bug fixes and improvements.

Features and improvements:

  • Updated to Atoms 4.0.

  • Added BehaviourTree.

  • Behaviour Tree: Added support to EQS

  • Behaviour Tree: Added support to Task/Decorator/Composite blueprint nodes.

  • Agent Type Asset: Added support to static mesh attachments.

  • Sequencer: Added support to behaviour component properties.

  • Sequencer: Added custom track for agent group static frame property.

  • Sequencer: Added motion blur support to the agent group.

  • Layout tool: Added support to duplicate agents.

  • Layout Tool: Added support for move, rotate and scale with Sequencer.

  • Behaviour Component: Added new Set*, Set*Override and RemoveOverride blueprint methods to set component properties.

  • Joint name properties inside behaviour component and assets data class changed from FString to FName.

  • Added Atoms gameplay debugger.

  • Added support to skeletal meshes with a different skeleton from the agent type asset.

  • Added Mixamo importer.

  • Behaviour modules: Added support to MapMetadata attributes.

  • Added delay load and registration of animation clips used outside the state machine.

  • Added delay load of the state machine registration.

  • Added Unreal ObjectMetadata and ObjectArrayMetadata types.

Bug Fixes:

  • Replication: Fixed simulation time initial value when an agent group is replicated.

  • AgentGroup blueprint class: fixed crash when selecting a height/gravity field.

  • AgentGroup blueprint class: fixed crash when saving a state machine.

  • Ground adaptation: fixed the bound used to project the agent position onto the navigation mesh.

  • Layout tool: fixed social layout mode.

  • Fixed blueprint Nativize.

  • Hero promotion: fixed pose matrices.

  • Fixed sync module constraint.

  • Scene Json importer: fixed importer when there are missing assets.

  • Fixed initialization of the Agent Group actor in game mode.

  • Fixed proximity metadata module copy metadata mode.

  • Layout Tool: fixed several crashes when the actor pointer is invalid.

  • Cache exporter: Fixed duplicated agents on the first frame of a cache.

  • Fixed timer metadata.

  • Agent group blueprint: Fixed crash when adding Kill or *Metadata modules.


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