Follow Mesh

The follow mesh module makes your agents follow a mesh vertex.


meshmeshnoThe input mesh to follow
meshParentMatrixmatrixnoThe mesh parent matrix.

The mesh translation.

meshScalevector3noThe mesh scale.
meshRotationvector3noThe mesh rotation.
followDeltaboolnoFollows the delta movement of the target instead of actually pointing to the target. Useful for just copying the motion direction from the target to the agents.
deltaThresholddoublenoWhen followDelta is on, the agents will ignore the target movement if the position difference magnitude is lower than the threshold.
lockVertexboolyesIf on, the agent will be assigned a target vertex only once. If off, the agent will be unlinked from the vertex as soon as the distance is greater than maxDistance.
isAnimatedboolnoIf this is off, the agents will point towards the assigned vertex only at the first frame of the simulation.
minDistancedoubleyesIf the distance between the agent and the assigned vertex is lower than this value, the agent keeps following the current direction.
maxDistancedoubleyesThe maximum distance
maxDistanceDropOffdouble yesDrop off value for smoothly transitioning in and out out of the vertex targeting. 
editMetadata boolyesIf on, the module will assign the value of the ratio between the movement vector and the current agent velocity to the given metadata.
metadataTypeintnoThe metadata type, can be int (3) or double (4)
metadataNamestringnoThe target metadata name
metadataMindoublenoMin clamping metadata value
metadataMaxdoublenoMax clamping metadata value
debugboolnoActivate the debugging mode
ignoreNextDirectionalModulesboolyesIf enabled, all next directional modules in the stack will be ignored.
editLocomotionLinearVelocityboolyesIf on, this module will edit the targetLinearVelocity metadata used by the locomotion system.
linearVelocityMindoubleyesThe minimum value for the locomotion linear velocity
linearVelocityMaxdouble yesThe maximum value for the locomotion linear velocity
locomotionFalloffRadiusdoubleyesDistance used for decreasing the linear velocity when getting closer to the target. Not used in delta mode.
locomotionTargetDistancedoubleyesWhen the agent reaches this distance from the target the linear velocity is set to the minimum value provided
editLocomotionAngularVelocitydoubleyesIf on, this module will edit the targetAngularVelocity metadata used by the locomotion system.