Direction Collector

The direction collector acts as a controller for all the directional modules placed in the module stack before the direction collector. 

Say you have an agent group with the following modules in the given order:

  1. grid layout
  2. state machine
  3. follow curve
  4. mesh avoidance
  5. direction collector

The direction collector will blend the resulting directions of the follow curve and mesh avoidance modules. The weight of those modules will be used as a factor for evaluating the final direction (the evaluation is per agent and agent overrides are considered).

You can have multiple direction collectors applied to the same agent group, when this happens the first direction collector module will be considered by the following direction collector module as a standard direction module (using its weight and the direction result).


maxTurnAngledoubleyesThe agent max turn angle.
editLocomotionAngularVelocitydouble yesIf on, this module will edit the targetAngularVelocity metadata used by the locomotion system