Follow curve

The follow curve module makes the agents move along a curve.


alignAtInitFrameboolnoThe agents will be driven by this curve field only at the first frame of the simulation when this flag is turned off.
curvecurvenoThe input curve
maxDistancedoubleyesThe max distance from the velocity field. Any agent farther than this value from the field will be ignored.
maxDistanceDropOffdoubleyesDrop off value for smoothly transitioning in and out of the velocity field.
maxTurnAngledoublenoThe agent max turn angle.
samplesintnoNumber of curve samples.
isAnimatedboolnoIf on, the module will rebuild the curve at every frame. This flag should be on if the input curve is animated.
ignoreNextDirectionalModulesboolyesIf enabled, all next directional modules in the stack will be ignored.
orientationOnlybool yesAffects only the orientation and not the direction
enableLeftSideboolyesEnable influence on the left side of the curve
enableRightSideboolyesEnable influence on the right side of the curve
editLocomotionAngularVelocityboolyesIf on, this module will edit the targetAngularVelocity metadata used by the locomotion system
blendWeightdoubleyesThe weight used to blend between the curve tangent and the vector to the target position: the closer to 1 the more the agent will follow the target position, the closer to 0 the more the agent will follow the curve tangent.
timeHorizondoubleyesThe time used to multiply the velocity in order to find the target position, which is a point ahead of the agent with the same distance to the curve as the one of the agent at the beginning for the simulation.

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