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This version of Atoms Crowd contains the following bug fixes and improvements.

Features and improvements:

  • 20-30% performance improvement

  • Velocity To State module

  • Follow Mesh module

  • Navigation module

  • Parent Child Joint Constraint module (ACS-209) (ACS-210)

  • RVO avoidance added to the Agent Avoidance module (ACS-201)

  • FBX anim loader now use FBXAnimEvaluator instead of requiring baked animation curves

  • Added blendshape support to USD exporter (ACS-225)

  • Feet and Pelvis joints can be tagged directly inside the Atoms UI

  • New Mesh Scatter layout distributions: Vertices Iteration and Face Center Iteration

  • Follow Target module improvements

  • Drag and drop animation files in the animation clip list to create an animation clip per file (ACS-205)

  • Drag and drop skeleton files in the agent type list to create an agent type per file

  • Animation states can be copied/pasted in the Atoms UI (ACS-203)

  • Agent types editor support the editing of the same parameter for the selected agent types

  • Export multiple caches at the same time (ACS-222)

  • Triggering blendshapes that share the same name on multiple meshes at once (ACS-220)

  • Animation clip mirror (ACS-223) (ACS-186)

  • Animation clip reverse (ACS-186)

  • Animation Clip editor support the editing of the same parameter for the selected animation clips (ACS-207)

  • Users can add multiple clips to an animation state in the State Machine editor (ACS-123) (ACS-159)

  • Agent Randomizer works on the selected agent groups (ACS-221)

  • AtomsMaya: HUD, New selected agents count

  • AtomsMaya: HUD, Atoms agents count includes agents from a proxy (ACS-218)

  • AtomsMaya: HUD, New agent type count (ACS-218)

  • AtomsMaya: Height fields now support multiple meshes (ACS-199) (ACS-187)

  • AtomsMaya: Module curve/mesh array attributes now support dragging and dropping of curve/mesh objects (ACS-200)

  • AtomsMaya: CTRL+Click drag to change the values of numerical metadatas (ACS-163)

  • AtomsMaya: Drag and drop of objects inside of the node UI (curve, mesh) (ACS-190)

  • AtomsMaya: Copy/Paste of modules in the node UI

Bug Fixes:

  • AtomsMaya: Fixed duplication of agent groups with standard CTRL+D

  • Minor fixes to USD exporter

  • Redshift simple material conversion sets “refl_roughness” to avoid fully reflective materials

  • “disableDirection“ metadata now works with all direction modules

  • Atoms ragdoll builder now append “atomsragdoll “ to the file name if missing. (ACS-217)

  • AtomsHoudini starts in batch mode without erroring

  • AtomsMaya: Fixed a bug where when moving two or more behaviour modules in the module list

  • AtomsHoudini: fixed skeleton exporter

  • AtomsHoudini: fixed animation expoter

  • AtomsHoudini: fixed fbx anim importer

  • AtomsHoudini: added missing agentVariation/matteOverride/objectIdOverride tot he atoms proxy node


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