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This version of Atoms Crowd contains the following bug fixes and improvements.

Features and improvements:

Bug Fixes:

  • AtomsMaya: Registered height field as soon as it is added in the height field manager
  • Changed foot down disc size in animation clip preview widget
  • Write out agent type files even when caching is aborted
  • Fixed stack name in Houdini FBX animation exporter
  • Empty UV sets don't break VRay renders any more.
  • Fixed blend angle in state machine
  • AtomsMaya: variation builder now expots child groups if the top group is added to the render layer
  • Fixed a crash when a file with wrong file format was provided for a skeleton in the Atoms UI
  • AtomsHoudini: skeleton exporter does not crash anymore when bind pose attributes are not set
  • Fixed slowness in variation randomizer when there are many items
  • When a cache is exported via the cache exporter, the cache is removed from the cache manager if it was already loaded
  • AtomsMaya: Variation Builder now skips intermediate nodes when looking for materials (ACS-140)
  • Unable to do partial scene export if state machine does not exist (ACS-91)

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