USD exporter

From Atoms 3.2 you can export your crowds to a USD cache.

You can find the exporter in the Atoms Menu: Atoms > Export > USD Exporter.
Or you can activate it with the shelf button: 

This tool will export:

  • The main USD file cache, which will reference the mesh and rig assets

  • An assets folder. This directory contains an "agentTypes" folder, which will include all the skeleton and skin mesh files; a "textures" folder with all the textures used by the agent definition; a "variations" folder with all the variation meshes, materials and textures used by the agent variations.

Asset path: If you want to reuse the asset folder exported from another cache or from the variations manager (File→ Save as USD from the variation manager UI), you can pass the path of the asset folder here. Then the exporter generates the main file only, containing only the SkelAnim primitives and references the assets from this folder.

Use Agent Type asset path: If you are using a USD file as a skeleton for the agent type, and this USD file already contains all the mesh/materials data, you can turn on this option to use the skeleton root from this file as reference/payload for each agent.

Variant set name: You can override the variant set name used to set the agent’s variations. By default, atoms use the name “variation” as a variant set.

Merge transform and shape: Merge the xform and mesh primitive of each geo.

Disable materials: If checked, the export of the materials is disabled.

Merge payloads: Turn on this option if you want to keep the original geos hierarchy.

Copy USD assets: If the variations table contains USD assets, those are copied into the output folder instead of using them as a reference.

Override agent metadata export: Instead export all agent metadata, choose which metadata the tool must export.

Agent metadata list: Comma separated list of metadata name to export. Example: “groupId, id, position”

Preroll frames: Number of preroll frames added before the start frame

Preroll height: Descending height offset used by the agents to reach the first frame position. Useful for horse/rider characters.

Output path: USD file output path.




In Atoms 3.8.0 the Usd python exporter is deprecated. If you want still use the python version instead of the C++ exporter, set the environment variable ATOMS_USE_USD_PYTHON_EXPORTER=1.

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