Digital assets

This section contains information relatives to Atoms Crowd digital assets.

Atoms Crowd digital assets (ada) are metadata files containing the necessary information for re-building an entire simulation scene in a host application. This means the exporter will export all the information relative to one or more agents groups and the importer will read that data and rebuild the same setup within the host application

The exporter might also export other files necessary for rebuilding such simulations:

  • alembic files for terrains or curves.

  • json files for variations and scene setup

Each export will be structured in a specific folder structure, in case it is your intent to pass an ada file to another artist it is important to keep such structure. If your pipeline or workflow requires the files contained by those folders to be placed somewhere else you will have to edit the .ada file with Atoms APIs.
You can check the content of an ada file by using the Metadata Browser.

In this section we explore the tools used for handling digital assets:

The folder structure

For each export, the exporter will generate the following folder structure and files:

  • the .ada file at the location specified by the user

  • a json folder containing the variation and scene jsons

  • an alembic folder containing the alembic files for meshes and curves


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