Fbx exporter

Atoms crowd gives you the possibility to export an agent in Fbx format.
You can find the exporter in the Atoms Menu: Atoms > Export > FBX Exporter.

On the top list, there is a list containing all the agent groups present in your scene.
The Agent ID list is filled after an agent group is selected.
Once you have selected the agents you want to export, choose the remaining options.


  • GUI frame range
  • Start/End, a custom frame range
  • Frame list, a custom list of frames. You will see two buttons: "AK" (will get all the keyframe times for this agent group) and "JT" (will get all the keyframe times for the joint transform module on this agent group)
  • Pre Roll: number of pre roll frames
  • Pre Roll Height: the starting height offset for the pre roll

Tangent types: Bezier, linear or stepped. With this field, you define which tangent type is used for your FBX keyframes. Stepped is particularly useful when you want to export the blocking for an animation. 

The export option instructs Atoms to include in the FBX file one of the followings:

  • the animated skeleton
  • the animated skeleton + skin geometries
  • the animation skeleton + variation geometries.

The Add Prefix option adds the "atoms_" prefix to the joint attribute names that are Atoms specific. You should turn this option on if you are looking to use the exported clips back into Atoms.

The "Add Agent Type prefix" adds the agent type name of the agent to the output file name.

The Fbx exporter exports a file per agent.

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