Alembic exporter

Atoms Crowd only displays OpenGL in your 3D application viewport to maintain high performance. Although agent meshes are never converted to geometry files in Atoms workflow, having this possibility comes handy in several occasions (i.e. apply custom particle FX on agents, etc).

Atoms crowd gives you the possibility to export your agent meshes in Alembic format.
You can find the exporter in the Atoms Menu: Atoms > Export > Alembic Exporter
Or you can activate it with the shelf button: 

On the top list you will find a list containing all the agent groups and atoms proxies present in your scene.
The Agent ID list will be filled as soon as something is selected from the top list.
Once you have selected the agents you want to export, choose the remaining options:

  • Frames: GUI or custom frame range
  • Mesh mode: you can export proxy, skin, variation and lod geometries.
  • Dynamic agents: exports also agents created dynamically (such as arrows).
  • One File: if on, all the agents will be exported in one file. If off, a file per agent will be exported.
  • Groom Cache: if selected only the groom patches will be exported for each agent instead of the full geo.
  • Pre Roll Frames: pre roll frames for the alembic
  • Height Offset: pre roll height offset
  • Alembic path: the destination path for your alembic file.

If you have selected an Atoms Proxy with a cloth cache, the cloth cache will be taken into account when exporting the alembic.

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