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Features and improvements:

  • New Clarisse integration.
  • Houdini Ragdoll support.
  • New Houdini Crowd to Atoms Cache converter
  • New USD exporter.
  • New Ragdoll Builder tool.
  • New Agent Deleter tool.
  • AtomsMaya: layout tool now allows selecting/editing agents from different layout groups.
  • AtomsHoudini: layout tool improvements, now up to speed with Maya.
  • AtomsHoudini: Joint Transform tool support .
  • BlendShapeAnim module: addef frameRate and frameOffset fields.
  • Renderman 23 support.
  • Houdini 18 support.
  • Support joint medatatas in metadata modules. Syntax: metadata@jointName
  • New HasAgentMetadata and HasJointPoseMetadata graph nodes
  • Bind pose is now set automatically on the skeletons at export time
  • CurveField and FollowCurve: added alignAtInitFrame option. When off, the agents will be aligned only at the first frame of the simulation.
  • Maya direction field is undoable.
  • Added field for filtering joints in the Agent Type Joint dialog.
  • Added compute pelvis-foot heights to the AtomsUI.
  • Improved Houdini vex bindings.
  • New Houdini VOP OTLs.
  • AtomsHoudini: Added Physx solver 
  • AtomsHoudini: Added ragdoll
  • AtomsHoudini: AtomsVop node accept multiple inputs
  • AtomsHoudini: Added initSim and preFrame event for agent group
  • Added support to blend shapes with normals per vertex
  • AtomsHoudini: added combo box to animClip/agent/types/height field module attributes
  • AtomsHoudini: support to override attributes on the input mesh of the AtomsAgentGroupModule
  • Added support to bool metadata "clothOverride_"+variationGeoName to override the cloth tag and apply a cloth cache on a specific geo

Bug Fixes:

  • Redshift procedural now expands correctly material paths.
  • AtomsMaya: fixed rigid body parent matrix and pivots.
  • Fixed network editor pan.
  • Fixed undo in override dialog for Maya and Houdini.
  • AtomsHoudini: Atoms Cloth export process is now interruptable. 
  • AtomsHoudini: Fixed AtomsProxy openGL draw with multiple agent types.
  • AtomsHoudini: mesh exporter handles empty geos.
  • Cache exporter crashes when use "skin for bounding box option"
  • ACS-152: houdini, agentTypeEvent only available to atoms after manual refresh
  • ACS-147: houdini, crowd cache process always starting at fr1