Agent Deleter Tool

Users can filter out agents from their agent groups with the Agent Deleter Tool.

The tool is accessible via the Atoms Menu: Atoms > Tools > Agent Deleter.

Alternatively, you can access it with the shelf button 

On the top list, you will find all agent groups from the current scene.

This tool will evaluate only the agent groups selected in the list. You can optionally lock them if you wish not to delete any of their agents, but only use them during the proximity (or other filters) evaluation.

The filters will be evaluated along with the provided frame range: the current frame, the GUI frame range or user-defined one (Star/End).

There are three filters that you can use singularly or combined:

  • Radius: the tool will filter agents based on the given distance.
  • Percentage: the tool will filter agents based on the given percentage.
  • Agent Types: the tool will filter agents of the given agent types.
  • Metadata: you will have to pass a metadata name as well as a range or single value. Accepted metadata is of type: Int, Double, Bool and String. 
    In case of bool and string metadata only the first value of the metadata range field is used.

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