Here is a list of all Atoms libraries:

  • AtomsUtils : utilities and base classes such as Image, Curve, Mesh, etc.
  • AtomsCore : metadata and Agent related classes, such as Joint, Skeleton, Pose, etc.
  • AtomsGraph : base ports and node classes.
  • Atoms: classes used for the crowd simulation
  • AtomsModules: Atoms Behaviour modules.
  • AtomsMaya: maya integration plugin.
  • AtomsMath: math library.
  • AtomsVray: vray integration plugin for Maya.
  • AtomsArnold: Arnold translator.
  • AtomsArnoldProcedural: Arnold procedural.
  • AtomsRManProcedural: Renderman procedural.
  • AtomsVrayPlugin: VRay plugin.
  • AtomsRedshift: Redshift translator.
  • AtomsRedshiftProcedural: Redshift procedural.
  • AtomsHoudini: houdini integration plugin.
  • AtomsKatana: katana integration plugin
  • AtomsUnreal: unreal integration plugin

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