Environment variables

ATOMS_PYTHON_BINDINGset it to "Atoms" to  force the usage of the atoms python binding instead the procedural one in batch mode
ATOMS_DEFAULT_DATA Env variable pointing to an atoms scene json file or an empty json to customize the atoms scene json loaded by default.
ATOMS_PLUGINS_PATHAtoms plugins path
ATOMS_DATAEnv variable set to a path to the default Atoms data folder shipped with the software
ATOMS_GSLS_PATHThe path to the glsl folder

Disable the lights in the openGL shaders. If you have an AMD video card and have issues displaying openGL set this variable to 0.

QT_PYTHON_APIset it to 'pyside' to use PySide or 'pyside2' to use PySide2
ATOMS_KATANA_FONTSThe path to the Katana fonts folder
ATOMS_KATANA_PROCEDURALThe path to the Atoms Katana procedural
ATOMS_PROCEDURAL_PLUGINS_PATHAtoms Procedural plugins path
ATOMS_GL_DISABLE_COMPUTE_SHADERSDisable the openGL shaders. Set it to 0 to disable the new display features using OpenGL 4.2
ATOMS_ICONSThe path to the Atoms icon folder
ATOMS_PYTHON_PLUGINS_PATHAtoms python plugins path
ATOMSARNOLD_PROCEDURAL_PATHPath to the arnold procedural
TOOLCHEFS_DISABLE_FORCE_LICENSEDisables the fallback to higher priority licenses. The value for disabling this behaviour is "1".
ATOMS_AGENTS_DISABLE_ATOMS_MAYA_LOAD(Maya Only) Atoms Agents will try to load AtomsMaya plugin when loaded, define this environment variable to prevent the automatic loading of AtomsMaya
TOOLCHEFS_DISABLE_LICENSE_DIALOGSet this environment variable to make sure AtomsMaya does not show the license dialog even when no license is found.


Prevents Houdini from checking out an Atoms license at Houdini startup. When users define this env variable they will have to run the following code every time they open a new scene using Atoms:

from AtomsHoudini.utils.initializer import initialize

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