Assets (Atoms VFX)

Atoms Crowd comes with a default agent type, named "man", plus several animation clips. You can create your agent types and animation clips directly from Fbx or Usd files or using the Atoms Crowd exporters from within your 3D package to create atoms native assets.

To create an Agent type, you need at least these two files:

  • A skeleton asset: An Fbx, Usd or Atomsskel file containing a skeleton.
  • A skin asset: An Fbx, Usd or Atoms geo (.geos) file containing some skinned geometries.

To create an animation clip, you need at list an Fbx, Usd or AtomsClip file containing an animated skeleton.

Use the Atoms UI to create agent types, animation clips and state machines.

Please refer to the tutorial section to know more about how to create these assets.

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