Frequently asked questions (AtomsUnreal)

Atoms Realtime is the type of license used by Atoms plugins into game engines such as Unreal Engine.
Atoms Unreal is the actual Atoms integration into Unreal Engine.

This integration is a playground for artists and developers for building their own crowd simulations into Unreal.
New crowd behaviours can be created using Blueprint and the C++ APIs.

Yes, although the performances of your app will depend on a number of factors: hardware, number of joints of your agent skeletons, mesh resolutions, the complexity of the behaviours, ground adaptation and so on.

Use the new XPU simulation!

If you are using the standard State Machine module or clip reader:

  1. Decrease the number of joints of your agent skeletons as much as possible.

  2. Decrease the quality of your meshes.

  3. Disable the foot lock for your Animation Sequences in the “Atoms Anim Clip User Data“ section, or by activating the “disableIk“ metadata on your agents.

  4. Simplify your behaviours.

  5. Remove ground adaptation.

  6. Decrease the number of agents.

We have written our own skeleton mesh instancer to make sure the simulation can run at high speed within Unreal. The new XPU simulation is also an hybrid of CPU and GPU computation, which makes performances even better.

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