Atoms Proxy (AtomsClarisse)

Atoms Clarisse is supported since version 3.2. In Clarisse you can display an atoms cache using our Atoms Proxy node. This node creates the agents geometries which then can be connected with scene materials.

Atoms Proxy attributes:
  • cache_path: Atoms cache file path
  • variations_path: Atoms variation file path
  • agent_ids: Filter agents based on their ids. Use the comma ',' to add multiple ids. You can use ranges using the - character, to exclude agents use the '!' character.
    e.g. !(4-9) excludes all the agents from 4 to 9 while 4,7,9,20 includes agent 4,7,9,20
  • time_offset: Offset the cache in time
  • framerate: a time multiplier to make the cache faster/slower.
  • mesh_filter: Filter meshes by name, use * character for string matching. If you want to exclude meshes, use the ! character
    e.g. *_head renders only meshes with names ending with "_head", !body* doesn't render meshes with name starting with "body"
  • draw_mode: defines which meshes will need to be created, skin or variation
  • frame: defines the value of the frame that will be used to read the cache
  • motion_blur_mode: Velocities or Sub Positions
  • agent_type: defines the agent type overrides for your agents. The following syntax can be used: agentId@agentTypeName. e.g. 1@man (for multiple agentType overrides use "," as separator).
  • agent_variation: defines the variation overrides for your agents. The following syntax can be used: agentId@variationName. e.g. 1@casualAutumn_1 (if you want to provide multiple variation overrides use "," as separator).
  • agent_lod: defines the lod overrides for your agents. The following syntax can be used: agentId@lodName. e.g. 1@casualAutumn_1_lodA (if you want to provide multiple lod overrides use "," as separator).
  • metadata: defines if any of the agent or mesh metadatas should be exposed as mesh properties. Agent metadatas are exported with a "agent_" prefix, while mesh metadatas do not have any prefix. Possible choices are: "None", "Mesh", "Agent" or "Mesh + Agent"

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